Zucchini is Billy's pet and his best friend.


When biologists at the ASPCA think that Zucchini is a rare black-footed ferret, Billy is in a quandary. He loves animals and does everything he can to help the ecology, but realizes that he can't keep an endangered animal as a pet.


Can Billy do the right thing and risk losing Zucchini forever?

“... heartwarming...”  


“A wonderful tale of love, sacrifice and personal growth.” - Amazon Reviews

"A good pick for middle-graders." - Booklist


"…a funny and compelling look at a boy coming to terms with his shyness through his concern for endangered wildlife…For comic relief there is Billy’s talkative little sister, Emma, and Emma’s pet mouse, One-Day-Service, named after a sign on a dry-cleaning shop."      - Buffalo, NY News


"…believable characters, a good mix of funny and poignant scenes…Multiple viewpoints and the animals’ anthropomorphism are also well handled, making this a good pick for middle-graders."    - ALA Booklist

"…a sensitive, environmentally aware look at the child-pet bond."

              -Sunday Oregonian, Portland, OR