War In Paraumus

In my late teens I got really serious about playwriting. i saw Pinter and Albee and wanted to "write like that”. I still have a couple of short plays I wrote back then in the style of each. After writing my first young adult novel “Crazy Eights”,  I decided to adapt it for the stage. The title became “War in Paramus”.


It’s about a wild, rebellious, fifteen year old girl in a conservative family living in Paramus, New Jersey, who’s conventional older sister, who always does everything right, is getting married because she’s twenty-two and that’s what you do. Tensions rise until the young girl sets fire to Ethical Culture where the wedding is scheduled to take place. Set in 1970, the war in the family is so all consuming that the Vietnam War, happening somewhere “over there”, is an afterthought.




billy cardEn, director

THE CAST: Anthony Arkin, Beth Bartley, Daisy Eagan, Michael Hirstreet, John D. McNally, Dave Rosenberg, Amy Wright




Austin Pendleton, Director

THE CAST:  Matthew Arkin, Jeremy Beiler, Kate Bushman, Gene Gallerano, Anne Letscher, Lisa McCormick, David McElfresh

"A house torn asunder by the turmoil of the late '60s is hardly a new topic. But Dana's script benefits from having actually been written at the time (the author discovered the unproduced play a few years ago). Thus, the language and situations feel authentic, and the characterizations are well poised between the familiar and the idiosyncratic. Director Austin Pendleton has given the production an engrossing, lived-in naturalism that one associates with Scott Elliott's stagings of Mike Leigh's work ... its miserable inhabitants pop out in affectingly stark relief."  —  Robert Simonson