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Best Book

Chris Mill's parents, like so many he knows, are getting a divorce. He remembers a time when the family was happy together. He has the feeling that what pulls his parents apart is laziness and selfishness. His home life is chaos. With his father at the Holiday Inn, his mother in the tub all day, and his six-year-old sister, Jenny, in large earmuffs and flipping out, Chris sees all their lives going down the drain. With the help of an eccentric part-time lawyer/part-time auto mechanic, and in irascible grandfather, Chris forces a situation in his family that changes the course of all their lives.

“Neatly constructed and quick-moving, believable characters …humor and lively dialogue.”    - School Library Journal

"…handles her story with much skill…. Her swift to-and-fro dialogue is particularly successful. This author respects her young-adult readers and demands that they bring a keen mind and a critical attitude to their enjoyment of a fine story and a candid view of modern life. A great book for adults too."      - Junior Bookshelf

“A smooth and involving examination of a compelling problem…Realistic and funny and a strong sense of the injustices visited upon children in divorce.”   - Kirkus Reviews