Here is an excerpt from FATSO AND HIS FRIENDS, the series of short stories that I wrote for The Queens School Newspaper when I was eight.

One sunny morning Fatso was trying to cook some fifteen-minute-never-ready peanuts. He decided that for some reason it wasn’t possible because the stove that his medium-sized Grandfather gave him didn’t work. Why? Why didn’t it work?


Since he wasn’t a kind of elephant to figure out why or why not he decided to go to Newdl’s middle-sized cabin and see if he had a little something.


If you don’t know who Fatso and Newdl are, Fatso is an elephant and Newdl is a dreadfully small rat. But Fatso has the understanding that Newdl is a very considerate creature, therefore they have a lot of fun together and play with each other a considerate amount of their time.


By the way, Happy-the-Tearless-Cat caught the too late train to and from Boston, and he is very sorry that he can’t stick his nose into this story, but he will be back in time for the next newspaper. He is very sorry and hopes that the too late train will not be too late. He wishes you lots of good luck. When it comes from Happy it is his best, which really is not so much.


Yours every issue,


Barbara Dana

3rd Grade